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Ron/Hermione has to be the most obvious ships when it comes to Harry Potter.
Watch the 3rd movie and you can see lots and lots of clues.
So here's my Ron/Hermione fanfiction!


~About time~


"Ouch - son of a - argh!"

Ron Weasley clutched his head in hand, trying to stem the flow of blood oozing from right above his left eyebrow while trying to ignore the huge headache that was forming.
It was bad enough he'd banged his head when he was on the way to the bathroom, but hitting it again
on the way to getting a bandage? Damn his Weasley clumsiness.

Well, it wasn't entirely his fault, he didn't have a wand. But still, it was bad enough for it to happen in a house he'd explored and cleaned for a year. That was just sad.
It all started with this stupid dream of his. She was there - laughing on his arm about some joke he'd told. She looked so damn beautiful.

Why he couldn't stop dreaming of her, he didn't really know, but he knew it needed to stop. She didn't feel the same, that was obvious.

There was a gasp, and a silloutte appeared in front of him.

"Argh!" Ron gasped in surprise. "Who - who's that?"

"Who's that?"

Ron's heart jumped into his throat. It was her!

"'Mione!" Ron gasped. "You scared the bejesus outta me!"

"What're you doing up?" Hermione whispered.

"Just getting a washcloth," Ron said, suddenly feeling a little lightheaded.

"What did you do?"

But Ron wasn't feeling too well right about now.

"'Mione . . . I don't feel so good. . ." Ron murmured, swaying a bit on the spot.

Hermione gasped and took a hold of his arm, leading him into a nearby, fire lit room.

"Is - is this where you've been?" Ron asked.

Hermione nodded, leading him to the couch and gently sitting him down.

Ron looked dazedly around as she left the room for a moment. It was rather warm and cozy in here.

"I can't believe it, Ron," Hermione murmured a moment later as she came back into the room with a small box in hands. "We haven't even started our seventh year and you're already bloodied up!"

"Yeah," Ron chuckled, still feeling a bit lightheaded.

Hermione gently grasped his wrist and pulled it away to look at his cut. She hissed at the sight of it, but nevertheless reached into the box and pulled out a small, thin wrapper, quickly opening it.

"That's Muggle medicine, isn't it?" Ron asked.

"Mmm-hmm," Hermione hummed, now taking out a bandage.

"'Mione that'll take forever!" Ron whined.

"It's either this or you pass out," Hermione said. "If you want to fix it with magic in the morning, that's fine - but as I don't have a wand, this'll have to do!"

She held up a thin cloth.

"This'll sting a little," she said before touching it to the cut.

A little? It stung a lot!

"Ouch!" Ron gasped, grabbing her wrist. "That hurts!"

"Oh you big baby," Hermione said impatiently. She held his head in place and softly blew on the cut.

Ron inwardly shuddered at the contact. It did make him feel better, but the closeness of them made him crazy. He was practically burning to touch her back.

"Now hold still," Hermione murmured.

Was it him or was there more color to her cheeks?

It was probably him.

Hermione unwrapped a bandage and carefully pressed it to his forehead.

"You are so clumsy," she said, grinning slightly as she crushed the wrappers and set the box on a nearby end table.

"Sod off," grumbled Ron, who still felt a little lightheaded.

"You look a little dazed," Hermione commented.

"Lightheaded, yeah."

"Here," Hermione said.

"Here - what?"

Sighing, Hermione patted her lap.

Feeling too sick to refuse, Ron lay down on his back, his face upwards towards hers.

"So how'd you cut your head, anyway?"

Ron swallowed hard at the thought of his dream.

"I was going to the bathroom," he answered. "Only - I didn't have my wand to light, so I ran into what felt like the corner of a cabinet."

"Ouch," Hermione murmured. "I'm sorry."

Ron's brow crinkled for a moment as his head throbbed painfully.

"I expect you have a headache, then," Hermione murmured.

She began to run her elegant fingers through his hair.

Ron's eyes widened for a moment. No one had done that besides his mother.

Still, it was comforting, so he closed his eyes.

What he wouldn't give for her to do this all the time!

In fact, what wouldn't he give to kiss this girl right now. Just wrap his arms around her - the girl he'd secretly loved since fourth year.

"What'd you get Harry for his birthday, Ron?" Hermione broke the comfortable silence.

"A cool Defense book for the new D.A.," Ron answered, his eyes still closed. "You?"
"I actually found him a Snitch," Hermione said. "It'll go great with Tonks's gift - she got him a Firebolt-Two."

"Wow - a Firebolt-Two?" Ron opened his eyes, a huge grin spreading across his face.
He felt like Christmas had come early. It meant he'd be able to get a few go's on it.

Hermione rolled her eyes.

"D'you realize how fast that broom can go, 'Mione?" Ron asked incredulously. "Naught to a hundred in one-point-five seconds!"


Ron simply grinned at her intolerance for Quidditch.

"Hey 'Mione," he said after a comfortable silence. "Thanks."

Hermione paused her actions for a moment to murmur, "No problem."

Ron stared up at her pretty face as she continued to stroke his hair.

Her olive-tanned skin had a nice glow to it, looking soft to the touch. Her golden
brown eyes sparkled in the fire. He suddenly noticed she was wearing nothing more than a white cotton tank-top and purple silk pants. Her soft curls were cascading down onto her exposed shoulders, and as she stared into the fire, her lips looked especially pink, soft, and so kissable.

He wanted to kiss her so bad it hurt.

Knowing where his thoughts were going, Ron sat up.

"You okay Ron?" Hermione asked.

Ron nodded, not trusting his voice.

"What're you thinking about?" Hermione asked, drawing her knees up to her chest.
He wished she wouldn't have. Every time she shifted he would get a whiff of sweet lavender. And now, he just realized, he was probably gonna smell like that when he "tried" to go to sleep whenever that was.

"Just - stuff," Ron said, cursing his fair complexion, which was turning pink again.



"I'm scared."

Ron looked over at her. She looked pale.

"What if - what if Harry doesn't survive this battle? What if Voldemort-(Ron shuddered involuntarily)-wins? I don't think I could stand losing Harry!"

"Shh, 'Mione," Ron said, surprising himself as he scooted over and wrapped his arms around the girl. "Everything's gonna be all right."

But whether things would be okay, he didn't know. He just wanted to comfort her.
Hermione was shaking slightly in his arms, so he held her closer.

"I know you're worried," Ron said. "But this is our best friend. Harry's made of tough stuff - and he's gotten really strong now."

Hermione sighed in his arms, burying her head into his neck.

Ron inwardly shuddered again, his mind going crazy over this simple gesture.

"Ron - let's stay here for a while," Hermione said. "I'm not tired,"

"O-okay," Ron said.

Hermione wound her arms around his waist and leaned more into him, as though using him as a blanket.

Ron's head was about to explode! Was the girl of his dreams actually clinging to him like this?! There was just no possible way!

Hermione pulled away slightly to look up at him, and Ron was paralyzed as she locked eyes with his.

He was drawn to her now, and even if his pride wanted to, he wouldn't be able to turn back now. Ron slowly began to lower his head, his breath catching in his chest. His heart seemed to have permanently taken refuge in his throat. His hands were shaking. But he was still going.

Their lips finally met in splendor.

He was right. Her lips were soft, and warm. And he was almost driven into distraction as he felt them quiver against his.

He didn't care if this would never happen again. He wouldn't care if Hermione slapped him. He wouldn't care if she wanted to forget all about it.

He wouldn't ever forget this moment. He got to kiss Hermione Granger - and boy was it great!

Ron hesitantly pulled away to look at her.

He expected her to be shocked and angry. He expected her to jump up in Hermione fashion, and run off. But she didn't.

She just stared back at him.

He felt himself crumble as he watched her. It wasn't fair that this was going to end so soon.

Hermione cracked a big grin.

"W-w-what?!" spluttered Ron.

Hermione cupped his chin and kissed his jaw line.

"About time, Ron!" she said, chuckling slightly.