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My Harry Potter Fanfics

Favorite Fanfic Links
HP/GW: My Only One
RW/HG: Meant to Be
RL/NT: Wotcher!
DM/BZ: A Gothic Romance
Blaise Zabini: All There is to Know
Favorite Fanfic Links
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This page is dedicated to some of the best fanfic authors out there, who I wholly respect and look up to. Check them out.

First, my favorite fanfic.
Title: Harry Potter and the Power of Emotion
Author name: Melinda
Category: Drama
Sub Category: Romance
Keywords: H/G R/Hr Sixth Year
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: SS/PS, CoS, PoA, GoF, OoTP
Summary: Harry is struggling to come to terms with the events of his Fifth year. Can he learn to depend on theose he considers family and become what the needs to be in order to survive?

Harry Potter and the Power of Emotion

My Favorite Remus/Tonks fanfic.
Title: Blood on the Moon
Author name: Portkey
Category: Romance
Sub Category: Drama
Keywords: Remus Lupin Tonks werewolf love
Rating: R
Summary: Following Sirius's death, Lupin struggles with the beast inside him and some new feelings for Tonks... feelings that are both frightening and tender.
Gothic romance and drama, set in the summer after OotP.

Blood on the Moon

One of the coolest Post-Hogwarts fics I've ever read.
Title: Sincerely, Harry James Potter
Author name: Kacie
Category: General
Sub Category: Angst
Keywords: Harry Ron Hermione
Rating: PG
Spoilers: OoTP
Summary: What if in 2004, post war, Harry Potter were to find out there was a series of books and films about his life in the Muggle world?

Sincerely, Harry James Potter