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Shine My Light on You
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Shine My Light on You

One of my new favorites. Very angsty, very sad, but yet, hopeful. Inspired by Fefe Dobson's very sad song, "Julia." In the song, she has two very powerful verses that just jumped out at me.
And I want you to know
You're doing this to yourself
Time to show me the will to change
And I swear I will help you
I will
I will shine my light on you
I will shine my light of hope
And change and everything that
Might have been
If you'd only hear me warning
If you'd only hear me calling
I will shine my light on you
It was also inspired by a few powerful verses in another of Fefe's songs, 8 x 10.
And I'll show you love
'Cause we're all alone
Put business aside
For life passes by
And I'll part your hair
When it's in your eyes
Never had the need to know you
Before I heard you sing to me at night
All I wanna do is how you
How to turn the darkness into light

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Shine my Light on You