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My Harry Potter Fanfics

Chapter One
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Chapter One

Where am I?

Chapter One

His head was swimming in a state of confusion. Where was he? His body felt extraordinarily heavy, and everything seemed . . . disjointed. . .

Warily, He opened his eyes to see glaring lights above him. Flinching, He turned his head to see he was inside a clean room. . . Lying in a bed. . .

Beep, beep, beep, beep. . .

To his left was a machine of some sort, green graphing etched all over the screen a single line shooting up in pointed angles every few beats.

Everything was blurred around the edges.

A woman appeared in the doorway, her back to him as she pulled some sort of . . . trolley. . .

"All right, Harry," she murmured as she stopped just short of his bed. "Check on med's . . . and check heart rate. . . "

He opened his mouth, trying to speak . . . but found that his voice was incredibly croaky - as if it hadn't been used in ages. . . So He tried again.

"W-who - who's Harry?" he croaked in a whispered.

The woman jumped, whirling around, dropping a small plastic cup and causing whatever was in it to spill all over the floor. Her eyes were wide, her mouth hanging open. She looked as if she'd suddenly seen a ghost.

"Holy Mary Mother of God!" she gasped. "You're awake! I don't believe it - DOCTOR! DOCTOR WALLACE!"

He cringed at the volume of her voice, making his head ache.

An irritated looking man rushed into the room.

"What the devil are you shouting about - ?" the doctor began. He then gasped, too. "You're awake."

"Can somebody please tell me what's going on?" He asked.

He blinked a few more times, but things wouldn't un-blur.

"You've - you've been in a coma for the past year and a half," said the nurse, a hand to her chest.

"A - a coma?" he asked, squinting. "From - from what?"

"We don't know," said Doctor Wallace. He frowned for a moment, then picked up a pair of round flat glasses. "The medic's found you by Suther's Lake thirty miles away from here. They thought you were dead - but - it was strange. . . You opened your eyes - a-and they were glowing - we don't know. . ."

"And you've had unusual brain activity ever since," said the nurse. "I've been screening you."

"W-who - who am I?" He asked, raising himself to a sitting position.

"Your name is Harry Potter," said Doctor Wallace, handing the glasses to Him.

Harry furrowed his brow for a moment, then slipped on the glasses, sighing as everything went clearer.

He bent over, pulling a plastic box out from under the bed. Upon opening the box, he showed Him a five by seven picture.

What was most amazing, was that it's subjects were moving.

"It's moving?" He asked. "What is this?"

"You tell us," said Doctor Wallace.

He frowned, looking back down at the picture.

In the photo was a pretty woman with bright red hair. She beamed, with sparkling brown eyes and a beautiful smile.

She held hands with the tall man beside her, who grinned down at her. His hair was jet black and rather untidy, and behind his round glasses were startlingly bright green, almond-shaped eyes.

They looked happy with one another, so He suspected they were a couple.

"Who is that?" He asked as they waved up at him.

"The woman's name is Ginny Weasley," said the nurse.

"And him?"

"It's - it's you," said Doctor Wallace, bewildered. "Your Harry."

"And she's -"

"She's your - your wife or girlfriend," said the nurse.

Something felt significant to him, but he couldn't quite . . .

"Do you remember anything about yourself?" asked the nurse.

"N-no," Harry said in a shaky voice.

"I had a feeling this would happen," said Doctor Wallace. "Harry - we don't even know where you came from. . . And not only were you found with this picture, but -"

He pulled a long, thin piece of wood from the box, finely crafted with dark wood and handle.

It was in this moment that he felt a strongest connection to it. He needed to hold it - what was it?

"A wand?" he asked.

As he reached for the wand, it flew from the doctor's hand into his.

Now Harry was really scared.

"Wh-what's going on?" he demanded. "What is this?!"

"Harry if you don't calm down -"

"How am I supposed to calm down?" asked Harry, breathing fast and shallow. "What's going on?!"

"We've been trying to figure that out, Harry," said Doctor Wallace calmly. "The reason why we haven't stopped your breathing machine in this past year and a half is because we've had sudden happenings in here."

"L-like what?" Harry uttered nervously.

"You know that unusual brain activity?" asked the nurse. "Sometimes - I would walk in here and everything around you would be floating."


"Yes, floating," said the nurse. "And it happened more than once, too. And more than once you opened your eyes - and they were glowing - just like the meds said."

"T-that still doesn't explain what's going on," said Harry nervously.

"We don't know and we may never know if you don't get your memory back," said Doctor Wallace.

"But we have to release you by tomorrow at least," said the nurse.

"Release me - but I-I have no where to go!" said Harry.

"We figure you could start with the photo," said the Doctor. "But we can't keep you here any longer, Harry."

"B-but -"

Suddenly, the medicine cups, the wand, and various other items began to float around them. An odd pair of headphones with a round attachment soared past Harry, while a pen flew around Nurse Emma's torso, and in a high arc over the bed.

"Harry - you're doing it again!" said Doctor Wallace, going pale.

"I - I -"

Many pops sounded, and other men, dressed in . . . robes?

They all wielded wands, and two of them grabbed Harry, despite his protests.

"What's going on?!" he asked. "Who are all of you?! What's going on?!"

"No time to explain, Mr. Potter," one of them said. "We'll fill you in later."


Continued: Chapter Two