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My Harry Potter Fanfics

HP/GW: My Only One
RW/HG: Meant to Be
RL/NT: Wotcher!
DM/BZ: A Gothic Romance
Blaise Zabini: All There is to Know
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Welcome to my site!

Everyone else has a web site these days, so I figured, why not me, too?

It seems everyone has their own dedication site now.
Well mine is dedicated to J.K Rowling's wonderful works of Harry Potter.
Half of my time is spent on writing fanfic and I've spent the past two and a half years perfecting that. And I've come a long way.
So welcome to my Harry Potter fanfic site!


What's New?

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Well, I've got new updates on the Harry/Ginny page as well as a new page: Blaise Zabini: All There is to Know, and the story is soon to come! But check out the banner - just click on it to see the full size.
Also, I've got a new Harry/Ginny fanfic that I hope with knock your socks off - and that also has a banner above the fic link. Just click to view full size. And a new addition to the Harry/Ginny page, a fic called: Memories. Click on the link and on the page is a banner I had someone else make - as you can tell, they are ten times better than I. Chicablue get's all the credit. You know what to do.
Make sure you check all the new additons out, and, as always, e-mail, e-mail, e-mail!

Please use 'Contact Me' to review my fanfics.
Don't you know, comments are half of what keep writers going?

Please e-mail me with any comments or suggestions!